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Two bitches and a whip – part 1

Kamila and Misa are horny even before the guy comes… so they tease him with their hot bodies while Julia tries to do a proper interview. Shortly the guy is naked and ready for some action. That you will see in the second part. 😛

Masturbating agentwhores

How to deal with an older guy who comes for an interview? Misa and Kamila teases each other… until they forget about the guy and cares only about their pussies. 😀

Older guy and two whores – part 2

Kamila and Misa tease the guy with her slow striptease and help each other to get rid of all her clothes, so the guy can admire their tattoes, tasty boobies and bouncy bootys. Watch and admire them too!

Older guy and two whores – part 1

This funny fella comes her for an interview and shows us his amazing personality and skills. First we chat a bit and then it’s time to strip down – will he be nervous, in front of three horny chicks? 😛 Part two coming soon.

Measuring youngie’s dick

Horny agent Jana tests a young guy who came here to show us his dick and skills. Watch to see if she was overwhelmed by his body and how does she rate his cock.

Tested by whores

We had amazing Julia and Misa in the studio, horny Nikki joins them and they are ready to interview this guy! He is overwhelmed by the view he gets – three half naked chicks all care about his cock! Will he pass the test and become a porn model? Watch to find out!

Sexy hide and seek

This youngie got two horny MILFs to interview him, such a lucky guy! After a short chat and his striptease, he is ordered to find a pin hidden somewhere on the sweet Jana’s body… and even though he does not find it, he enjoys every second here!

Agent whore falls in love with his dick

Whorish Jana loves all dicks, big ones in particular – so when this guy strips down, her panties are immediately wet and she cannot wait to swallow that cock!

Two whores teasing a guy

These two young bitches are having the best time of their lives when they can tease this nervous guy, who cannot stand the reality – the fact, that two hot teens cuddles together, just for his eyes to watch.

Testing his cock and tongue

Chubby Nikki believes a dick a day keeps the doctor away – and she lives by it! At first she gotta try how tasty his cock is… and offers her hungry cunt to his tongue, which he will gladly accept.