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Even managers want to shoot porn

We have already had a plenty of guys with different kinds of job in our studio, but this man was our first manager. After a hard working day, he came for the casting and our beautiful asistent Misa showed him a sexy dance. An amazing relax, don’t you think?

Striptease for nervous guy

You cannot imagine how shy he was, when he came for the casting. Well, every guy is a hero at home on the couch, but it is a little bit different when you stand in front of few strangers, lights and cameras:-) Anyway, I gave him a stripshow…

Two girls teasing a shy guy

For this casting, I invited one of my good friend. She is a kind of flirty girl, exactly what we need during the shooting with beginners:-) Together we tried to seduce this shy guy…and we were successful!

Licking and fingering lesson for inexperienced nerd

From the first moment when I saw this guy, I suspected, that he is a virgin. Really! He didn’t know how to touch or lick my muffin. Well, the true is, that he has already fucked a girl, very long time ago. Now he lives alone and his sexual activities ends with watching porn. Anyway, we gave him a chance. I asked my colleague and he showed him some special tricks…

Blowjob for married guy

Not only young guys are welcome in our apartment:-) In this video, I’m testing a little bit older man. He is already married, but his wife doesn’t mind when he flirts with other ladies. So why not to try something hotter! I give him some very personal questions and suck his cock…

He doesn’t know what to do

Seriously, this guy was absolutely lost. I showed him my body, fully naked! Spread my legs, my pussy, showed him my asshole…and he just watched:-D Probably I’m too kinky that he was afraid, what do you think?

Oral action in few positions

Finally a guy, who knows how to lick my pussy! I must say, I was very satisfied with his licking skills. I even didn’t need his cock in my cunt! Maybe, next time I will test his cock in action…but for now, enjoy this oral fun:-)

Licking and fingering lesson for cute boy

One of casting questions for this guy was very simple…Can you satisfy a woman without your dick? Well, he started with licking, but it was so booooring for my hungry pussy. My older friend is very good in sex so he showed him what to do:-)

Hip hop guy shows his wild site

Hello guys, this video is a result from historically first male-casting in our studio. I have to say, I was quite nervous before shooting. I didn’t have any idea what kind of guy will come. But then, I was surprised. Handsome, talented, funny…and his cock? Well, you can see in the video…I truly loved his dick! So – first casting was successful. What do you think?